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CWA District 7 is one of the seven geographical districts that make up Communications Workers of America, one of the largest unions in Northern America, representing 700,000 workers in public and private sector employment.

CWA District 7 has over one hundred seventy chartered Local unions, and is responsible for negotiating contracts with over one hundred fifty employers.  We represent workers in  telecommunications, state and local government, healthcare, education, newspapers and print shops, flight attendants, law enforcement, manufacturing and more. 

We are proud of the work we do.

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Please click here for the Qwest Legacy CWA Logo Uniform Patch Order Form.

This is for Legacy Qwest members only as part of our 2012 bargaining.

Unity at Mobility

Carissa Moore inputting survey info with a member.


Unity at Mobility, Minnasota.


Unity at Mobility, Portland, OR.


Iowa Senator Tom Courtney and his wife, Nancy, brought CWA Local 7181 lunch during their bargaining session with Great River Medical


Seattle Rocks Against TTP!

(Left to Right:  Michael Schendel, Terry Mitchell and Michael Lynch)


Great Anti-TPP op-ed from CWA D7 VP Brenda Roberts and Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Director

If you haven't already, please check out this great op-ed published today against the TPP from our D7 VP Brenda Roberts and Jim Alexee from the Sierra Club:  



CWA Rocked Against the TPP on Saturday Night, July 23rd!

(Please click here for more pictures.)

Thanks to all who came out to Rock Against the TPP on Saturday night!

A special thanks to Angie Pillar and Adrienne Prince from AFA 71 (see pictures of Angie
rocking the mike with Adrienne's kids on stage!) as well as Bill Stokey and Jason
Schneider (both Local 7777) and Shannon Wills (DNG 37074) for helping with the tabling.


CWA Rock Against the TPP/ Morgan Carroll Phone Bank

(Please click on picture for full sized view.)

Tuesday, July 5th: Lori Garcia (7777), Carole Giampaolo (7777), Chuck Griffith (7777), Sheila Lieder (7777), Brenda Roberts (VP D7), Katie Romich (staff), Enida Shuku (DNG 37074), Sherrie Thompson (AFA 27071). Wednesday, July 6th:  Jason Schneider (7777), Ted Hooker (staff), Brenda Roberts (VP 7), Susie McAllister (Staff), Jay Boyle (Staff), Bill Stokey (7777), Chuck Griffith (7777), Lori Garcia (7777), Dale Feller (7777), Garry Jordan (Staff), Audrey Deguio (7777). Thursday: Katie Romich (Staff), Sheila Lieder (7777), Jason Schneider (7777), Jeff Payne (7777)


CWA Local Presidents and Activists in Washington Joined Former President Larry Cohen at the TPP Fest in Tacoma on Saturday, June 25th.

Pictured are Michael Schendel, David Hyde, JJ Carter, Larry Cohen, Ted Frederick, Jake Williams and Darrin Hartman

AFA/ CWA Mobilizations for a Fair Contract Result in Tentative Agreement

Please click here to see more pictures.


District 7 Staff Support TNG-CWA Members at a News Matters Rally in Denver CO on Friday, June 17, 2016.


15NOW Petition Push!


Local leaders from Idaho and North Dakota visit their congress members during the 2016 Legislative Political Conference in Washington DC.

Please click here to see more pictures.


Les Leopold Presentation from the District 7 Conference in Omaha NE.

The Video will download or play depending on your browser by clicking on the above picture.  The file is very large so please be patient.  You may also download it by right clicking your mouse button and select "save link as" by clicking  here.


Need answers concerning the Affordable Healthcare Act? Please click on the button below:

Affordable Healthcare Act

Questions and Answers Concerning the Affordable Healthcare Act from the National CWA 


Check out CWA Headquarters' cool videos in their multimedia section. 

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